Below are just a few of the projects I am currently working on. They are all at various stages of development, ranging from one-page pitch docs through to full scripts. If you would like to  find out more  about any of them, please feel free to contact me or my agent.




THE WOODCUTTER (full script available)

Genre: Horror

Logline: When a folklore professor traces the source of all fairytales to a remote village in Romania, he accidentally summons the evil entity at the blood-soaked heart of these ancient stories, unleashing murderous demonic incarnations of fairytale villains upon his own family.

Awards: Screenplay Festival – Top Finalist in the horror/thriller category.


E-DEN (full script available)

Genre: Science Fiction

Logline: When the A.I. god of a techno-religious cult declares cyber-war on the real world, a grieving teenage girl must fake her own death, upload her consciousness to the cult’s simulated afterlife, and find the one man who can help her save the world – her own dead father.

Awards: Runner Up in the Screenplay Festival screenwriting competition. Top 75 in the Launch Pad Features contest.


DESPERATE DAN MUST DIE (pitch document and synopsis available)

Genre: World War Two Comedy

Logline: When Nazis set out to assassinate the staff of Hitler-bashing UK kids’ comic The Beano, a teenage comics geek fights back with the help of some unlikely allies – a troop of the Beano’s madcap characters brought magically to life.




CHARLES DICKENS’S GHOST CLUB (full pilot script and series bible available)

Genre: Supernatural Drama Series

Logline: A team of British eccentrics, led by Charles Dickens, investigates supernatural phenomena in Victorian London.

Awards: Top Ten in the Final Draft Big Break screenwriting competition. Third place in the Screencraft Pilot Launch contest.


CANNONBALL EXPRESS (full pilot script and series bible available)

Genre: Science Fiction Adventure Series

Logline: A teenage engineer in a frontier colony on Mars discovers the preserved hulk of an Old West rail locomotive. Rebuilding it with alien tech, she assembles a crew and steams her way into adventure.