A couple of years ago, I was lucky enough to win a place on the Edinburgh Film Festival’s Talent Lab training scheme. It was a fantastic and rewarding experience, and one of the highlights for me was when a movie pitch of mine won two out of three of the awards in the scheme’s pitching competition. The pitch I gave was for a big superhero action comedy, and since that day I’ve continued to work away steadily on the idea, with, as it turns out, some success. Maybe it’s time for a quick update:

Firstly, and quite early on, the project attracted the interest of a VERY big-name UK producer – someone with numerous massive box office hits to his name, as well as one of the biggest movie franchises of all time.

Secondly, with the enormous benefit of having this well-known producer’s name attached, the project subsequently secured script development funding from Creative Scotland and The Scottish Film Talent Network.

And thirdly, with both of those things in place, it then managed to attract the interest of an Oscar-winning screenwriter/director who agreed to come on board as story consultant.

The upshot of all this then is that I have been beavering away at the script, on and off, for around a year now, with fantastic support, and finally… drumroll, please… have a version that I’m happy to put out there! Hurrah!

Wish me luck, folks!